Change Management

In every business, changes are constant and executing a change in a set process and avoid failures is one of the core component of an efficient service management.

Change management ensures that all the changes are adhered to set approvals and executed with minimal risk to the productive services.

Optimization of change management is worthwhile in any business scenario, as this can reduce the time taken to implement changes and they can be performed in a very controlled environment resulting in avoiding typical risks involved with the change.

This can be achieved by adapting ITIL standardized methods and procedures which ensure an effective management of all changes and avoid all the discrepancies in the service delivery.

Proclarify’s practice oriented ITSM consulting services helps businesses adapt these standardized process more efficiently and effectively within budget which leads to high stability in IT services.


Benefits of our change management process are:

  • Enhanced alignment of IT services according to your business needs.
  • Get updated with all the information of changes to users, customers and service support staff etc.
  • Improved risk assessment.
  • Reduced negative impact of changes on the quality of services and on SLAs
  • Better assessment of the costs of the proposed changes before processing them.
  • Increased user productivity through less operational disruption.
  • Improved service quality by minimizing service interruptions caused by changes and address customer inquiries in less time.
  • Ensures the observance of compliance and IT governance requirements and adapted with its expense planning.
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Our ITSM Solutions

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Improving the performance and productivity of your Help Desk.

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An active and responsive approach to problems.

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Promoting a culture of shared responsibility and success.

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Build, Test and Deliver success along with Services.

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