Incident Management

An incident is an unplanned interruption to an IT service which leads to the reduction of service
quality and Incident Management process is one of the important support processes of ITIL
V3 service operation phase and an important element for the integrated service management which
creates the framework for addressing such interruptions in the fastest way possible adhering to the
services level agreements.

Our practice-proven expertise and process methodology optimize Incident Management systematically thus minimizing the impact on business processes as much as possible.


Benefits of our Incident Management Process are:

• Provides a single point of contact for your customers to record the faults.

• Simplifies the fault processing efforts and helps you to identify them and fix them.

• Makes trouble shooting quick which saves time and operating costs.

• Ability to detect Incidents as quickly as possible and to respond adequately to it.

• Improve Quality of Service with faster and more efficient processing of incidents.

• Reduce service interruptions which lead to better customer satisfaction.

• Helps in identifying the upcoming problem much prior and avoid its occurrence.

• Meeting continuous service levels.

Want to know more on how we can help your organization in building an effective Incident
Management process?

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Our ITSM Solutions
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An active and responsive approach to problems.

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An automated and integrated method for controlling Changes.

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Promoting a culture of shared responsibility and success.

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Build, Test and Deliver success along with Services.

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