Problem Management

Problem Management Consulting

Problem Management deals with recurrent incidents which will have serious impact on the IT or business services. The main function of Problem Management is to identify and analyse the underlying root cause of series of incidents and seek for possible solution.

Benefits of Problem Management

  • Increased availability and reduced disruption of operations.
  • Ability to detect root causes of incidents and respond to them before they occur.
  • Preventing the transmission of problems to other systems
  • Minimizing incidents and the impact of system interruptions.
  • Known Errors may also be considered in the implementation of new services
  • Improve IT services quality along with customer satisfaction
  • Helps front line staff to resolve incidents more quickly thus saving resources and unnecessary escalation.
  • Add more value with effective problem record documentation for other service areas like Capacity Management, Availability Management and Service Level Management.


What we can do for you ?

As businesses have become more dependent on IT services, preventing service disruptions by using root causes analysis to identify problems quickly, then to permanently resolve issues, helps organizations achieve competitive advantage.

Our Problem management approach helps your business in the following aspects.

  • Find root cause quickly
  • Solve problems effectively
  • Improve efficiency and service quality
  • Decrease operational cost


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Our ITSM Solutions

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Improving the performance and productivity of your Help Desk.

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An automated and integrated method for controlling Changes.

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Promoting a culture of shared responsibility and success.

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Build, Test and Deliver success along with Services.

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