Service Level Management

Service Level Management

Service Level Management is an important process in ITIL which allows monitoring, controlling and continuous improving the quality of service (QoS) through the lifecycle of IT services and also helps to lay down the Service Level Agreements with customers and Operational Level Agreements with contractors/vendors.




Benefits of our SLM Consulting

  • Improve quality of service and reduce service disruptions
  • Reduce effort spent by IT service agents in resolving issues/failures
  • Improve customer satisfaction by implementing SLAs
  • Helps in identifying flaws in your business process and take necessary actions accordingly.
  • Improves the transparency of service costs to both service provider and customers.
  • Measure vendor/supplier performance by monitoring, managing and evaluating services provided.
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Our OTRS Services

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Improving the performance and productivity of your Help Desk.

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An active and responsive approach to problems.

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An automated and integrated method for controlling Changes.

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Build, Test and Deliver success along with Services.

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