OTRS Managed Support Services

OTRS Managed Support Services

OTRS is an enterprise level software released under open source license and here at Proclarify, we understand that the key element for a corporate customer is the availability of professional and on-time technical support for the business applications.

To meet this, Proclarify provides OTRS managed support services which managed the OTRS right with simple, per-incident based support plans up to complex support tiers that include remote troubleshooting, version upgrade, on-site training and on-site consulting.

Features of Proclarify’s OTRS Managed Support Services
PC_24 support
24x7x365 Availability

Supporting a support system is crucial and any issue which is affecting your business is a high priority for us. So we make ourselves available round the clock.

Really!! No matter which support package you choose, we got you covered 24x7x365

Dedicated Account Manager

An account manager is allotted just for you who will be the single point of contact during emergency and be available round the clock and knew everything about your OTRS system.

PC Admin configurationsAdmin Configurations

 We will help you with all the admin setup and configurations, so you can concentrate on your   business. Our dedicated team of highly experienced OTRS consultants and developers takes control of your helpdesk administration ensuring its optimal utilization.

PC custom module

OTRS Custom Module development

Every business is different and so does the processes. Depending on your workflows we will develop custom modules in OTRS which suits your business needs.

PC Bug FixingOTRS Issue and Bug fixing

Issues and bugs can become a real threat to a support system and should be fixed within no time. Our OTRS technical consultants will be there for you whenever you need them.

PC strategy

OTRS Consulting and business strategy

Take advantage of our years of ITSM success and set your support business process and workflows in compatible to ITIL standards.

PC ReachabilityOTRS Reachability

We don’t hide ourselves behind computers. Though we will be supporting remotely, we encourage our customers to dial in anytime to point an issue. We are available on Phone, Email, and Skype.

Also you are always welcome to visit our office and have a coffee with us.

PC sla

 Adherence to SLAs and Response time

We call ourselves ITIL and ITSM experts and if we are not adhered to customer’s SLAs, then there is no meaning in running this business. So when we say it, we mean it.

 All the support tickets will be responded within one hour and emergency cases will be responded within 15 min.

PC optimizationOTRS Performance tuning and monitoring

We know that running OTRS with maximum uptime and achieving optimal performance is    very important for your support business and to make it happen our network and technical  team assess your environment, existing OTRS setup so we can fine tune it and set it to  meet your expectations.

Easy OTRS Support packages – Pay as you goPC easy packages

We won’t confuse you with basic, standard, enterprise level subscriptions.

For us, every customer is equally important and we give utmost priority to all the tickets we receive from them no matter how much they pay us.

Every OTRS support package will receive all the benefits and you can decide how to go with us.

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Our OTRS Services
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Have Questions ?

Request a no-obligation call and discover what OTRS can do for your Business !!

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