OTRS Upgrade Services

Take Advantage of the Latest OTRS Release with Proclarify’s OTRS Upgrade Services

Our OTRS Upgrade Services are designed to help companies that are using older versions of OTRS in upgrading it to the latest stable version available within the shortest possible time without a risk of losing customization, valuable historical data, and predefined configurations.

As every latest OTRS release comes with security patches, additional functionality, improved process and workflow, upgrading your existing OTRS to the latest stable version is always highly recommended.

OTRS Upgrade Services

Our OTRS Upgrade Services:
  • Upgrade existing OTRS version to latest stable version available
  • Migrating from one database to another database
  • Migrating from one server to another server
Featured Benefits:
  • Retain all the customizations done on the existing OTRS system
  • Retain the theme level designs and make them compatible with the upgraded OTRS version
  • Ability to save all the historical data including tickets, statistics report, changes, assets, configurations, processes, workflows etc
  • Our OTRS consultant ensures the safety of your data and configuration files when upgrading.
  • Faster adaptability of new features and functionalities which comes with latest version.

Want to know more about the latest OTRS 3.3.8 release? Click here

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Our OTRS Services

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